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Talmidi commentaries on the Hebrew bible are written from a non-rabbinical and non-Christian perspective. A good commentary allows the text to speak for itself. Since our emphasis – the supremacy of YHVH over all, the maintenance of the Covenant, and God’s ongoing actions in human history – is the same as that of the Hebrew bible, we have nothing to fear or prove. We do not read theology into the text that is not there (which is what a lot of evangelical Christians do), nor do we read hidden mysterious meaning into the text that is not there (which is what some Orthodox rabbis do).


We accept that the Scriptures evolved over time into their present form. We value archaeological scholarship. However, we feel that the Scriptures are more than just a collection of myths – that there must be some historical basis underlying the stories in the Bible.


It is from this standpoint that Talmidi commentaries are written – that there is a difference between spiritual truth and historical truth.


To read some Talmidi commentaries on the Bible, go to:

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(Apologies; this link has had to be removed, as it has been hijacked by the Nazarene movement for anti-Talmidi propaganda).



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