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     This website is a valuable tool in making outreach to those who may already hold views like ours, but don’t know that we are here, ready to welcome them. We need your generous support in helping us to maintain this website.

     We also hold online Hebrew classes, and we publish literature; hopefully, we would also like to hold regular services, be able to pay a salary to our own Scribes, Elders and Priests, and one day even have our own synagogue.

     Ultimately, we would like to be a bridge of peace between the Jewish people and other faiths.

     All this takes money. It is amazing how we have managed to survive for so long on so little, but God has been good to us. Now we wish to do more.

    If you would like to make a donation to help the Followers of the Way, and already have a PayPal acount, you can contribute using the email address of

or alternatively, click on the PayPal button below. Any amount, large or small, is received with grateful thanks and blessing. If you have any problems making a donation, please contact us at



Many thanks
Shmu’el ben Naftali

(Moderator, Talmidi Jewish Community)


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