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THE WAY – An Introduction to Modern ‘Jewish-Christianity’ (Talmidaism)

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Go to: Amazon UK, or Amazon US


Please also join our discussion group if you wish to learn more about the Talmidi Israelite faith.


         Do you appreciate the basic teachings of Jesus of Nazareth, but have a real problem with believing that he was a god? Do you still have a genuine faith in God, but can't cope with the Christian trinity? Are you put off by the teachings of St Paul? And do you think that things like the virgin birth and original sin are unhelpful? Then we can assure you this: You're not alone!

          There exist today various groups of people around the world whose faith has been inspired by the first Jewish followers of Yeshua` of Natsaret (‘Jesus of Nazareth’). We call ourselves, 'Followers of the Way'. As a community, we feel that our core mission is to spread the peace of the Kingdom of God,
and to further the knowledge of the glory of God; and as individuals, to grow in spiritual knowledge and wisdom, to develop a sense of inner holiness, and in our thoughts and deeds, to draw ever closer to the living Presence of YHVH.


          The heart of our faith – called ‘The Way’ – is the humble and compassionate practice of religion, and to act with justice and fairness to all. Our community is a diverse collection of sects, and range from the conservative Ebionites, the traditionalist Massorites, the centrist Liberal Talmidis, to the progressive Yeshuinists. And we welcome both Jews and non-Jews alike into the warmth of our fellowship.

         We see Talmidaism* as the spiritual descendent of early 'Jewish-Christianity'; this term was dropped because of possible misconceptions that could be conveyed by such a name. We believe that as a Jewish prophet, 'Jesus' would have remained faithful to the ideals and principles of the Israelite faith, and therefore would never have envisioned himself as a god, since the Israelite religion, as a core fundamental of its theology, is founded on the precept that YHVH has no physical form or incarnation - unlike the gods of pagan religions. YHVH is a holy God, and is different and distinctive from all pagan gods.

         Talmidaism* is not messianic in nature - we do not believe that it is a messiah who will save us; we believe rather that it is YHVH who will save and redeem us, and any messiah will merely be a sign that God is acting in human history. For the God of Israel is so powerful, that it is by the power of His merciful and compassionate love that He is able to forgive, and it is by the cleansing fire of God's glory that God is able to atone and restore our souls, and save us.

        Please be aware that we also do not follow superstitious practices such as Kabbalah or gematria; instead we follow Israelite Mysticism ('Kavodh' Mysticism, which focuses on the Glory or 'Divine Radiance' of YHVH). Also, be aware that we are a non-rabbinic community, in that we do not follow the teachings of the ancient rabbis in the Talmud (Oral Law).*

Talmidaism gives the Follower:

  • an easy to understand theology
  • a direct relationship with a knowable, living God, without a mediator
  • a healthy, rational and sensible approach to religion
  • a reverence for wisdom and knowledge
  • a sense of inner peace, without fear of other faiths
  • a sense of personal inner holiness
  • the understanding that the intent and content of one’s heart matters
  • the understanding that our Heavenly Father is not angry with us simply for trying, but rather guides and encourages us when we fail
  • a powerful sense of the present nature of God’s Kingdom
  • finding joy, awe and wonder in the immediate, daily Presence of God
  • a balance between the needs of the individual, and the needs of society
  • the realisation that a spiritual society is not meant to be fossilised in the past, but should evolve into something better and higher with each generation
  • for those who suffer, a sense that God draws nearest to you in your most difficult times
  • the understanding that if we do not become bitter in our suffering, we are cleansed and made better by our closeness to the Presence of God

         Finally, it needs to be stated that although we try to live the message and principles of God in the Hebrew Bible, Talmidaism* on the whole, is not a fundamentalist religion. It is opposed to the increasing influence of sociopathic and narcissistic values in religion, and is generally opposed to religious intolerance and hatred - a hateful religious person is a curse before God, and a sensible religious person is a blessing to God. Most Talmidis support the honest and responsible interpretation of Scripture and religious history. Most Talmidis would also not see any conflict between scientific theory and religious faith, seeing our Creator God as the ultimate author of the laws under which the Universe functions.

         We have a discussion group for those interested in Talmidaism. If you wish to join our discussion group, you can email us, by sending a blank email with SUBSCRIBE as the header to:


If you have any questions, we can be contacted at:



To find out more about Talmidaism* and the Talmidi way of life, please navigate through the menu on the left.



(I hope to publish books, make videos, and give talks to congregations and gatherings)

      *Please note that the word 'Talmidaism' has nothing to do with the Talmud; the only thing the two words have in common, is that they are both from the Hebrew word talmad: to teach. The word 'Talmidaism' was coined to replace the inaccurate word, 'Jewish-Christianity' (since we are not Paullist, trinitarian, messianic Christians).

       It  comes  from  the  Aramaic  word talmida:  follower / disciple,  and  the  ending  of  the  word  is  modelled  after  the example  of  the  word  'Judaism'.  It  is  therefore  pronounced taal-mee-DAY-izz-um (IPA: ta:lmi:'deI-izəm), with emphasis on the 3rd syllable (it's important to get the pronunciation correct, in order to avoid common confusion with the word, 'Talmudism').


The complete collection of the 14 books of The Exhortations has now been published in one volume. It is available from Amazon-UK at £18.50, and from Amazon-US at $23.19

If you ever have any questions about what you read, or if you profoundly disagree with anything, please email at shmuliq.parzal@googlemail.com

The Exhortations is our equivalent of the New Testament, but does not have any scriptural authority; the only scriptural authority for Talmidis is the Galilean canon of the Hebrew Bible; you do not have to agree with The Exhortations in order to call oneself a Talmidi.



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